The Magic of Meditation

Many youngsters are turning to meditation as an antidote for the stress they face in their lives. Various international and national celebrities are hitting their yoga mats and vouching for the calming-effects of meditation.


But what does it personally mean to me?


As a meditater, for the past 2 years, I can say that meditation is far more than just a stress-relieving tool. It is something that has enhanced and enriched my life much more than anything else.


Meditation provides deep rest, a break from my perpetually-chattering mind. My first experience of deep meditation felt as if I had just flushed my mind off of 20 years’ worth garbage. When my mind is clean and well rested, consequentially, I am also more energetic.


This ‘extra energy’ is spent on the activities that I’ve always wanted to do (like learning music, gardening) but never had the energy to do. Since I get to do everything I want to, without getting restless or stressed out, my day’s worth increases. 


My meditation guru said, “A meditater lives in the moment and his awareness is sharp therefore he always gets his money’s worth. For example, if a meditater orders mango milkshake, he is with it completely. Enjoying every sip of it. Not coupling every sip with the thought of his impending examinations!”


Despite all these benefits, many of my friends excuse themselves from meditating because of ‘lack of time.’ To them I’d like to quote Mahatma Gandhi. “I’m so busy today that I cannot meditate for an hour. I have to meditate for two!”


Meditation not only improves the quality of your day, it also, very magically, increases the quantity of your day. Well, meditaters don’t get really more than 24 hours but they definitely get the capacity to do much more in those 24 hours (as compared to their non-meditating self.)


Meditation is something so deep and unfathomable in its working that it is quite pointless for me to try and comprehend the whole of it. But it has worked in many subtle ways to improve not just my life, but that of many around me.


I only hope and pray that I continue to practice and get many more to experience the joy and magic of meditation.


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